About me


My name is Lori Gagen. I am a lifelong resident of Noble County in northeast Indiana.


Every job I have held throughout my career has in some way allowed me to my indulge my passion for technology. These experiences have culminated in this opportunity to offer my services to the community as a freelancer.

I launched the first of many websites in August 1998 after first reading a book titled "HTML for Dummies". The site was structured using Notepad. Today, my platforms of choice for website development are Wix and WordPress.

Over my career, jobs that have helped me hone the skills I offer through Catchy Creations have included begin an editor and publisher of a travel magazine, an executive director of one of the region's most popular non-profits and tourism partners, and marketing director for local economic development. I was also the member of a Y2K ERP implementation team that rolled out all new software and hardware systems to over 900 users. After implementation I had the honor of establishing a company help desk and serve the users in three U.S. states and the Philippines. 

I currently work full-time as operations director in economic development and am a long-time volunteer who loves where I live. I manage 11 websites for various organizations in northeast Indiana.

In 2015 my work earned a Digital Marketing Award for Best use of Facebook from KPC Media Group, and an audience of over 51,000 followers on the platform.


Whether you need a new website, to get more from an existing website, to make better use of social media, to build a library of images, brochures, or other collateral materials, a press release, or other technical writing assistance, I welcome your inquiry and look forward to an opportunity to help you succeed, and to help my community continue to grow and prosper!

2015 Digital Marketing Award

I dedicate Catchy Creations and this website design to these four beauties and all the other magnificent felines I have been blessed to know, care for, and advocate to protect.