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Bringing Hidden Ego Events out of hiding

Doug Ebey is one of Noble County's busiest entrepreneurs. Ebey's first business was the launch of Hidden Ego Gym in Albion in 2015. Two years later, Ebey opened Hidden Ego Volleyball, an outdoor sand volleyball recreation center and bar, in Kendallville.

Fast forward to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic when, in 2020, Ebey's desire to keep people active resulted in his use of a vacant space in a Kendallville strip mall to host an indoor corn hole league. That sport later moved out to his outdoor recreation venue, which he now calls Hidden Ego Event and Recreation Facility. The venue is much more, however, featuring lighted sand volleyball courts, pavilion bar (full service), restrooms, and often live music and food trucks.

Maybe in an effort to make sure boredom is never an option, Ebey also remodeled that indoor former corn hole space and opened his second Hidden Ego Gym there, right next door to the bowling alley he and a partner also purchased, upgraded, and renamed as K-Vegas Bowl.

Catchy Creations' latest project was the launch of one of three websites we designed for Ebey's businesses, this one for Hidden Ego Event and Recreation Facility. (Previously, Catchy Creations also designed new websites for Hidden Ego Gyms and K Vegas Bowl.)

For the event center, we once again opted to use the Wix platform, because the need was for a simple "brochure site", not a lot of bells and whistles. The audience is primarily those looking for a local event venue - and Hidden Ego has just the place for their summertime gatherings!

Hidden Ego Event facility landing page

This project tapped into basic marketing skills, requiring that we make sure all of the "who, what, why, when, and how" questions a visitor may have were adequately answered within the pages. All the basics are covered - what services are available, who they are for, where to find them, when they are offered, and how to take part.

From a design standpoint, we opted for the blue and green color scheme to evoke the great outdoors. Some fun scrolling effects were also used, along with shadowed text headers both to enhance visibility, but also to add a little depth.

Ebey is one of those clients who is less interested in "how it looks" than "it's out there to find." He occasionally sends updates to hours or prices, but is otherwise seemingly satisfied knowing he can count on Catchy Creations to keep his digital presence out there, up to date, and looking professional.

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