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Exploring EditorX was an "exercise" in learning something new

Hidden Ego, a 24/7 fitness center founded in downtown Albion in 2015, grew in 2022 to include a second location in Kendallville. Founder and owner Doug Ebey, with whom I had already worked when we launched the KVegas Bowl website, knew it was time to launch the gym's first website to help raise awareness of the new expansion.

Doug is a pretty cutting-edge entrepreneur, so his business needed a more cutting-edge presence. This is why I opted to up my game by learning a platform called EditorX, offered by Wix.

EditorX is built on the concept of complete control over design "responsiveness", meaning the designer can literally build and alter every single element on the site to appear exactly as they intend on any - literally ANY - size of screen. There is no limit to making adjustments for various sizes of displays, from mobile to tablet to gaming desktop screen.

While I by no means became a "master" of EditorX, I had a great time learning about the possibilities this platform provides and am happy with the result. The use of EditorX features helped bring a modern look to feel to the site.

The quick capture clip above shows the animated motion on the new Hidden Ego website. This image shows the appearance of the site on a 16:9 format screen.

The screenshot above, of the same website, shows how the page appears on a smaller monitor, at 1366x768px. Notice the imagery is not compromised, but has "responded" in a way that keeps the layout intact, even though the screen got smaller.

As the screen gets even smaller, the layout proportions change to fit a tablet (768x1024px). The layout maintains integrity because of the settings for elements on the page.

As the size transitions to a mobile device (360x740px), the design shifts as well, made possible by the tools of EditorX. Wix's standard editing platform allows design for desktop and mobile, however the "bells and whistles" of EditorX are far superior if the client wants to see the design change and morph to be the best it can be on any device.

For this project, Doug (trusted and) indulged me in my desire to try something a bit more edgy than my usual work. For that, I am grateful!

Doug is a great community partner and investor who also owns and operates Hidden Ego Event and Recreation Facility. Be sure to get out and have a great time at one or more of these great local entertainment venues and STAY ACTIVE!

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