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Building awareness for bowling alley

Building a website for a new business, K Vegas Bowling, offered the opportunity to explore a new editor platform called Editor X, available from

My choice to use Editor X to build this site was inspired by the entrepreneurs and innovators behind K Vegas Bowling, one of which also owns Hidden Ego Gyms and Hidden Ego Event Center, local hotspots. Editor X is known for enabling the creation of "responsive" websites, meaning sites that will appear as intended no matter what kind of device the user is using to view. This is becoming more and more important as more internet users are working with a wide variety and sizes of displays, which can be a nightmare on websites that are not truly "responsive". Editor X also offers a wide array of prebuilt design elements that offer some cool transitions and animations.

For this project, I first captured the facility's new color scheme and images of the upgraded physical space. Since this is a brand new business that was not even open when the site launched, these elements serve as a very basic digital presence but will change over time and become more robust.

It was important to K Vegas to be able to engage with the public and be proactive about enabling them to find answers as the buzz hit the streets. Their choice to also add four axe throwing lanes created a lot of excitement and K Vegas looked to take reservations for the lanes.

The initial site design is functional, clean, and modern. I look forward to growing the content with the business!

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