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A Landing Page for

Customer feedback was the objective of a project Catchy Creations LLC took on for, a local internet service provider.

In the late fall of 2021, was getting set to conduct a direct mail campaign seeking to gauge prospective customer satisfaction with their current broadband connectivity. As a website host provider, in this case used their own web server and set up a WordPress account, then handed over the reigns.

Provided with a sample of the mail marketing piece, I created a landing page with a "survey" using WordPress Forms. It was important to create a look and feel that would be familiar to users so they were confident they found the "right place" to submit their feedback in an effort to help bring improved internet services to their community.

This project took just a few hours and afforded me the opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge. Let me help you! Call me at 260-564-4556 or email today to get started on your web project!

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