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Website takes Room-2-Room to a new level

After launching my business in early 2021 I was approached by the owners of Room-2-Room LLC to design the company's first website.

This local, family-owned business offers such a variety of unique services that, without a website, it proved difficult for prospective clients to fully understand. I knew this first-hand because I had reached out to hire Room-2-Room and found it a little hard to grasp what, exactly, the company could do for me. As I went through the process of designing their website I began to truly appreciate the valuable and rare services they offer (including estate and home clean-out services, home sales, and re-selling merchandise).

To get started, we met and talked about the vision the owners had for their website. They cited some other work I had done to help narrow down the look and feel they sought. Next, I was provided with some electronic examples of brochures the company had developed to help communicate their services, which helped me determine a layout and navigation for the new website.

Within a few days, using photos from the company's Facebook page and a Wix template that I felt worked well for the content and business, a draft site was made available for review. After about three rounds of reviews and edits, the site was nearly complete.

Before wrapping up the project, Room-2-Room provided me more photos to add a gallery to illustrate how they can completely transform a cluttered room to a clean and empty space, helping one reclaim their space, prepare to sell, move, or simply downsize or organize belongings and a home.

To help ensure the new site worked well in the scope of other existing marketing efforts, Room-2-Room allowed me admin authority on their Facebook Business page so that I could help integrate their new website, update graphics for consistent look and feel, and let their followers know the site had gone "live". I also submitted a couple of edits to their Google Business listing.

The overall goal of this project was more about adding credibility and enhancing perceptions of the level of professionalism Room-2-Room possesses than it was increasing sales for the company. The site helps the company be more proactive in explaining to potential clients what the company has to offer and streamlines communications. As the company grows, however, the owners do hope to expand sales by adding e-commerce to the website.

This entire project was completed within 2.5 months with some gaps between reviews of edits completed and the cost to the client was under $750, not including web hosting services or domain registrations (all-in the company's investment was under $1,000 with a one-year hosting agreement.)

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